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Simon Rich

After having scalp issues for many years and visiting clinic after clinic, reading blog after blog, watching video after video on youtube my scalp still needed attention. After a google search, I found this clinic and decided to give them a call to book an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I arrived at the clinic and was greeted with a smile and told to have a seat. I did not wait long before Teresa (Trichologist) called me to have my consultation. I told her about the troubles with my scalp and that I was losing hope. She took a look at my scalp and immediately identified my condition, which surprised me because I had visited another clinic the previous month and was told my issue was due to the trauma I suffered as a child, which I found to be ridiculous. Anyways, after identifying my condition, she asked me about my hair and scalp routine. Which I told her was “wash hair-conditioner-oil my scalp” and on my non-wash days, I just oil my scalp and hair. (I have locs). She told me to stop the oil. I immediately got defensive because to me that was a new language. I have locs and I have been doing this routine my whole life. How can I just stop oiling my scalp? After the consultation, I decided to do a treatment. After my treatment, Teresa gave me more advice on my routine. I left the clinic and went home. A few days later, I noticed something strange, I had not scratched my scalp at all or even put my fingers in my hair. I was shocked, my scalp felt great for the first time in years, I immediately called the clinic and booked a second treatment and a third and a fourth. After my fourth treatment, I started the at-home treatments and continue to use the shampoo, conditioner and lotion recommended by Teresa. I am so happy I decided to listen to her advice. It is hard to go against everything you have been taught and to change your routine is even harder, but I am glad I did, the best decision I ever made. My scalp feels great, my locs are thicker and overall my hair and scalp are thriving. I am happy I listened to her and stayed the course of the treatment, I only wish I found this clinic earlier in my struggle. I want to say thank you to Teresa and her team for their help. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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