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The clinic has been a saviour for my hair. As you will see from the photos, my hair was seriously damaged and I suffered huge hair loss to the sides and at the back of my hair. The patches were so big it was depressing. When I went to the clinic, Teresa did a full analysis which confirmed the extent of the damage. My hair was so dry and devoid of any nutrients, it was like hay. The ends were chronically splitting and breaking. Although it was depressing to have to face the truth, it was the beginning of a new hair journey. After 8 months of sticking religiously to Teresa’s recommended (and simple) hair routine, I have seen amazing results. My hair has not only grown back at a rate I never imagined but it has never felt so strong. I had gotten used to weak, thin hair which would break at the slightest pull, but now my hair feels thick and robust. The photos speak for themselves. I feel so lucky to have discovered the clinic – I only wished I had discovered it years ago. I would not go anywhere else.


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