Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic

Aaisha Calliste-St. Louis

The ONLY hair salon I allow to touch my hair after the numerous disasters of going elsewhere. Unlike other salons I’ve dared to go to, they are gentle, thorough and their products are excellent. I’ve learnt that you really have to consistently go for their treatments to see a marked difference in your hair and I always get complimented on how my hair looks. I’ve seen significant regrowth too in areas of my scalp that are weaker. They’ve looked after my hair for over 10 years now when it’s relaxed and when it’s natural, give you educated advice and tips on how to maintain your hair at home and I feel pampered every time I come. Every time I delay my growth progress with my nonsense they bring my hair back to life EVERY TIME! Highly, highly, highly recommend!


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