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Afro hair can grow long, strong and healthy

Here at the clinic we provide clear advice on what styles and caring habits to avoid and what should be an essential part of your routine. With a flood of information online claiming the solution for beautiful hair, it’s important to focus on the science over fashionable claims and seek expert advice that is tailored to you as an individual.

Our consultations assess your hair and scalp health individually by taking time to understand your personal hair care routine and styling history, nutritional habits, medical concerns and well being. We have enough time to advise you on what you personally need to change to start seeing progress and improvement.

Teresa Richardson MIT

  • Over 25 years of experience in hair care.
  • Experienced in treating all types of hair and scalp disorders from all ethnicities and ages.
  • Strong reputation for successfully treating and growing damaged and short Afro hair through her unique expertise.
  • Disillusioned with the haircare products available at the time, Teresa Angelina Richardson set out to develop a range of products of her own.  As a result she is able to source high grade ingredients and develop unique formulas to meet her patient’s needs. 
  • A registered Member of The Institue of Trichologists (London) since 2011.
  • Licence holder with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which enables the mixing and supply of creams, shampoos and lotions. Associate of the Royal Society for Public Health (AMRSPH).

Eleanore Richardson MIT

  • Daughter of Teresa Richardson MIT and brought up around her hair care ethos since she was born.
  • Graduated from UCL with an MSci in Natural Sciences.
  • Registered member of the Institute of Trichologists.
  • Experienced in dealing with afro hair conditions
  • Keen to re-address how healthy hair is represented in society and encourage educating clearly how hair and scalp health can be impacted.
  • Has delivered several lectures on hair and scalp health.​​
  • Has provided consultancy for leading hair care brands.
  • Keen interest in the physiological impact of nutrition and stress on the body, scalp and hair.

Our patients are proud of the progress they continue to make with their hair, read their testimonials.

We NEVER use weaves, extensions or direct heat (blow driers, tongs and hair straighteners) as part of our service nor do we claim that these results can be achieved quickly. The patients shown above have spent at least a year or more visiting the Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic. By being patient and consistent with the right care, you will definitely see long lasting, healthy results.

Continued Care

As part of our commitment to helping you achieve healthy, beautiful hair, we also provide simple and healthy  trims. For more information and prices please call us or enquire during your consultation.

Our products are designed specifically with with Afro and Mixed race hair in mind, using ingredients that are gentle but effective. Buy them here!

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