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Each patient has a different and personal experience at our clinic. Some of our patients have been gracious enough to share their stories with you, a reminder that there is hope...

I have been very happy with my experience and the progress with my hair. It has been a long process, but the improvement I have noticed over that time has been a great surprise to me, as I thought there was no hope! Very grateful to you both for your help and assistance.

I used to braid my hair with extensions for a long, long time and when I turned grey I also used hair-dye. Eventually, over several years, my hair became really dry and was breaking a lot and my scalp became itchy and scaly and developed alopecia.

After researching on the Internet for a Trichologist that catered for Afro natural hair, I was happy to come across Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic. Just in time I might add, as the treatment I am having has brought the condition of my hair to a point where I now have soft, hydrated curls, something I have not seen since I was a child! Also, new hair is growing where I have alopecia, slowly but surely. I am now more dedicated to looking after the good condition of my natural hair.

After relaxing my hair for over 25 years I made the decision early in 2019 to revert back to natural hair, I decided to go with single braids as a transition hairstyle whilst the relaxer grew out, I got the braids in July and wore them fine for the 1st 4 weeks. After 4 weeks which included regular washing, my hair became very itchy to the stage where it would keep me up at night, I tried numerous suggested cures i.e. dry shampoo, apple cider vinegar, rose oil, black castor oil etc. nothing would stop the itching. In the end I removed the braids after 6 weeks however my scalp was left very inflamed and continued to itch. One morning when getting ready for work I started brushing my hair and to my horror it started coming out in clumps, leaving evident bald patches. In a complete panic I immediately started googling Trichology places, the first company I came across I called and had a conversation which was not very inspiring, the 2nd company I came across was The Fulham Scalp & Hair clinic. The first person I spoke with was their receptionist, I told him what happened and asked if it was possible to get an appointment asap, fortunately it was a Thursday when they have evening clinics.

I saw Eleanore for a consultation at 6pm that day, she was great, very understanding and sympathetic, the consultation was thorough, we went through my hair history and she did an assessment of my hair. The news was not good, it appeared I’d had an allergic reaction, maybe to the braids or just the relaxer had weakened my hair over the years, my hair follicles were severely damaged and the hair left on my head was brittle and weak, my scalp was trying to shed the damaged layer, that was the reason for the scabbing and flaking. Eleanore advised me to immediately stop doing everything I had always known, no heat to the hair in the form of blow-drying, straightening, no oils and no brushing and only use a wide tooth comb if necessary.

After my first few treatments it became clear the hair on my head was not going to recover, at this stage my hair was a mixture of bald patches and some weak relaxed damaged hair, I reluctantly took the advice to cut it very short and cried in the chair as it was being cut. As someone who is very conscious of appearance I had no idea how to present myself, I planned to wear a wig but Eleanore was reluctant but said if I had to go with this route it could not be a lace wig, she told me about weft wigs with a silk lining, this would allow the hair to breath and be gentler on the scalp, they even advised where I could purchase this type of wig.

From that first day I have only used the products of the Fulham Scalp & Hair clinic, I followed the advice religiously and went for regular treatments. Initially I was sceptical as to how effective it would be, I questioned everything, I complained progress was not quick enough, I wanted answers immediately as to when and if my hair would grow back.

This all happened in August 2019, and I’m pleased to say after 6 months my hair is now growing back and thriving, the quality of hair is better and I now have completely natural hair which is thick with elasticity, the bald patches are all gone.

My hair experience was scary and not something I would have chosen to happen but in a way it was probably the best thing for my hair in the long run, I’m very glad I came across this clinic, if I hadn’t it’s likely my hair would never have grown back.

Thank you Eleanore. x

In 2015 I noticed I had a small bald patch at the back of my head I had been using hair straighteners which I think started my horror story with my hair. I tried using various hair growth creams and gels, visited a private dermatologist who prescribed medication that made my hair dry and brittle which cause further hair loss. This continued for some years I wore wigs scarves and hats to cover my damaged hair.

In 2019 decided to research clinics that specialised in hair I came across The Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic never heard of Trichology before and decided to give the clinic a try as I had nothing to lose as my hair was the worst it had ever been. I was very nervous during my consultation with Teresa as I thought she would say my hair was permanently damaged. She put me at ease straight away examined my hair looked under the microscope and showed me the damaged strands . I was given intense scalp and hair treatment at the clinic and given a regime to follow at home with the products that I purchased at the clinic strictly followed the regime daily. As a result in 4 months I’ve gone from badly damaged hair and scalp to a full head of healthy hair I cant believe the growth in so little time.

Thanks to Theresa and Eleanore my hair is flourishing with their treatment I don’t live in London but make the journey for in house treatments as I think its worth it. Teresa and Eleanore have been a God send to me and would definitely recommend their treatments.

Since starting treatment at the Fulham hair & Scalp clinic I’ve seen dramatic improvement in the health of me hair. My word of advice would be to make sure to follow the instruction and advice given to achieve the best results


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