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Hair goes beyond just framing your face, it can transform your confidence, your self-belief and even your identity and how people interact with you. That’s why there is no shame in wanting to find a solution when your hair isn’t looking its best.

At the Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic we focus on identifying the causative factors of your change in hair and scalp health. With this knowledge you are empowered to not repeat behaviours that may be triggering your poor hair and scalp health and understand what is going on rather than hide in fear.

Sustainability is our dedicated approach and that means sustainable recovery for your hair and scalp health to avoid repeat problems, but also a sustainable routine to for you to care for and afford the treatment plan that is best for you.

Our consultants; Teresa and Eleanore, are passionate about their work, and their highly personal, understanding and empathetic approach to each of their patients sets them apart. Teresa and Eleanore’s wealth of experience and dedication to their patients ensures a high success rate with delighted patients referring time and time again.

We treat a range of hair loss and scalp problems

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