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Everything Starts With a Consultation.

We take a holistic approach to our work. This means that we care how different areas of your life might be contributing to your hair and scalp health.

Consultation Time:

45-minutes. One-to-one consultations with a qualified and experienced trichologist.

Consultation Cost: 

£130 per 45-minute consult. 

What to Expect:

  • We will take time to understand how you care for and style your hair presently and in the past.
  • We will inquire about your medical history and diet and ask questions about your stress levels.
  • We will examine your hair and scalp and may take samples for viewing under a microscope.
  • We will often photograph your hair and scalp to keep a record on your case file and compare it to the following treatments in the future.
  • Finally, we will discuss your diagnosis if this is possible and walk you through your treatment options and care recommendations.

Helpful Things To Bring With You

  • Recent blood test results.
  • Details of any prescriptions/ supplements you are on.
  • Photos of any key products you have been using (particularly the ingredients list).
  • Significant “before” photos.

Please note

  • We only use products formulated by our clinic therefore we are unable to provide recommendations on mainstream brands.
  • We do not provide consultation reports as standard. If you would like a summary of your consultation, an administration fee of £15 is charged.
  • Please arrive with your hair detangled and with any long term hair styling removed (eg. weaves, corn rows, braids, extension).
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