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Scalp & hair treatments


Our clinical treatments give you the opportunity to access professional equipment in a calm and discreet surrounding, with individual bays for increased patient privacy. 
We combine electrotherapy, infra-red light therapy, steam therapy and a full wash phase alongside our formulated products to deliver therapeutic results with the greatest impact.

We work with all hair types but have particular expertise in working with afro, curly and mixed hair.

We are also able to provide “healthy trims” for all hair types without the use of direct heat such as blow dryers or straighteners. Hair is kept as healthy as possible whilst removing damage, breakage and split ends. Trims cost an additional £30 are available only after treatments and should be mentioned when booking in.
We do not use or recommend the use of blow driers, straighteners or other forms of direct heat and so your hair will be left damp and gently plaited up or left loose following your treatment. Please bring a hat or scarf if you think this will leave you uncomfortable. 


60-90 minutes


Clinical Treatment: £70
Trichological Trims: £30

Transplant Referrals

If you wish to explore the potentials of a hair transplant then we can assess you to let you know whether you are a suitable candidate or not. 
We work with experienced cosmetic surgeons to move you to the next step in the transplant journey. 
We also provide after care post surgery to ensure you get the best results possible from your procedure. 


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