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Looking for a trichologist for afro hair? 

As specialist afro hair trichologists, we provide clear advice on what styles and caring habits to avoid and what should be an essential part of your routine. We are not dermatologists, but rather scalp and hair trichologists, with varying differences between the two. Read our blog for a better overview of the difference between a trichologist and a dermatologist.

Our consultations assess your hair and scalp health individually by taking time to understand your:

Personal hair care routine

Styling History

Nutritional Habits

Medical Concerns

Overall Well Being

Teresa Richardson MIT

Teresa started her career as a hairdresser, obtaining prestigious qualifications in Afro hairdressing, cutting, colouring, and styling. Due to her concern about how much hair is damaged during various processes, she started working from home away from salon fashions and focused on caring for and maintaining Afro and curly hair.

She has always been sought after and had patients travelling internationally to be seen by her. Eventually, however, she sought a greater intellectual challenge to stretch her passion for hair and scalp health and became a registered member of The Institute of Trichologists with a particular focus on Afro-Caribbean, mixed, and textured hair types. 

Teresa has studied and worked with all hair types, but unlike many in the field, she has a wealth of experience in working with Afro and mixed hair types in particular.


Our products have always had a focus on being functional and kind. They are aimed at delivering a result for highly sensitive, inflamed or struggling scalps without having to compromise on the effect on your hair. Often medicated shampoos and treatments can leave the hair dry and brittle, and this effect is exaggerated on Afro hair which is naturally more fragile. The Teresa Angelina Trichology Range provides clinical care for the scalp, health and hydration for the hair and all designed with Afro and mixed hair types at the forefront.” – Teresa Richardson


  • Registered member of the Institute of Trichologists.
  • Licence holder with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), enabling the mixing and supply of creams, shampoos and lotions.
  • Associate of the Royal Society for Public Health (AMRSPH).
  • Pioneered the Teresa Angelina Trichology haircare range following disillusionment with current brands on the market.
  • Sources high-quality ingredients and formulates effective and caring products that address her patient’s needs. 
  • Over 35 years of experience in hair care.
  • Experienced in treating all types of hair and scalp disorders from all ethnicities and ages.
  • Strong reputation for successfully treating and growing damaged and short Afro hair through her unique expertise and treatment plans.

Eleanore Richardson MIT

Eleanore graduated from UCL with an MSci in Natural Sciences. With a keen interest in hair and scalp care and under the careful tutelage of Teresa, Eleanore is dedicated to the holistic treatment of Afro-Caribbean hair using a combination of science, natural ingredients, and common sense. 

In June 2021, she started examining and tutoring for the Institute of Trichologists, dealing with the basic science module for the foundation year which covers topics such as biology, chemistry, maths, physics and trichology related principles. 

Eleanore’s experience and innate understanding of Afro hair allow her to confidently diagnose and treat common issues in patients of colour.


“The last two years have been a clear example that stress impacts our body physically and in our clinic, we are seeing an increasing number of inflammatory diagnoses following two years of Covid-19 disruption. For example, we have had a record number of public sector workers come through our doors suffering shedding and autoimmune/ inflammatory conditions of the scalp as a result of being completely exhausted, anxious and stressed with the pressure of needing to continue to work throughout a pandemic and adapt furiously to changes.” – Eleanore Richardson


  • Registered member of the Institute of Trichologists.
  • Graduated from UCL with an MSci in Natural Sciences.
  • Tutor for the Institute of Trichologists.
  • Experienced in dealing with afro hair conditions
  • Keen to re-address how healthy hair is represented in society and encourage educating how hair and scalp health can be impacted.
  • Has delivered several lectures on hair and scalp health.
  • Has provided consultancy for leading hair care brands.
  • Keen interest in the physiological impact of nutrition and stress on the body, scalp and hair.
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