Scalp & Hair Clinic in London

Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic are the UK’s most experienced Afro Hair Trichologist. Based in London, treating both European and Afro hair and scalp conditions.


We can help identify the extent of the damage, what has been contributing to your hair loss and how to encourage recovery from traction or scarring alopecia, and more. 


We diagnose and treat itching or flaking scalp to provide you with immediate relief and the managing hair and scalp challenges.


We assess the level of damage, the best way to care for your specific hair type whilst providing treatments to immediately improve quality and manageability.

Looking For the Best Trichologist in London?


We are a hair and scalp clinic based in London.

Established in 2011, the Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic has helped thousands of patients understand their hair and scalp conditions and treat them with success. Our honest and direct approach provides you with realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the state of your hair and scalp and the steps you need to follow to achieve progress.

As trichologists for black hair as well as mixed and European hair types, our unique treatment methods have established us as the leading Black Hair Trichologists in London, across Europe and Africa. Read More…

Teresa Richardson + Eleanore Richardson

Our Services

We Treat

We treat a range of hair loss and scalp problems like Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia, Psoriasis, Folliculitis and more

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As hair specialists, we take a holistic approach to our work. This means that we care how different areas of your life might be contributing to your hair and scalp health.

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Clinical Treatments

We combine electrotherapy, infra-red light therapy, steam therapy and a full wash phase alongside our formulated products to deliver therapeutic results with the greatest impact.

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Afro Hair Care

We're looking to revolutionise the afro hair care industry. For too long, patients have suffered by not having their voices heard. We are your Afro hair specialists in London.

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What Our Clients Say

Our clients send us a bunch of smiles for our services and we just love them!

"It’s wonderful to get professional advice on how to care for my hair properly this time, so I don’t have to chop it all off and start again…particularly since there is so much ill-informed “advice” on blogs/websites … Definitely recommend a visit."


"What a difference to one’s self-esteem and confidence does healthy, well looked after hair make. I consider myself blessed to have been recommended to Teresa who has been looking after my hair for 15 years. My once barely shoulder-length AFRO hair is now mid-back length and full of life!"


"Thanks, Teresa for giving me an alternative solution to preventing my hair loss. My hair is thinning and I was not keen on using Minoxidil, Propecia or any of the other stronger/more effective products on the market but I do like her naturally stimulating scalp products and the light/electro-therapy that is being used. It is also so relaxing in your clinic that I really enjoy coming in for my treatments. I wish you all the best!"


"Teresa has looked after my hair for more than twenty-five years. She is always professional and caring and only acts in the best interest of her clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, from any background, who needs advice or who suffers from problems with their hair or scalp."


"Afro hair can be healthy, long and strong without using harsh chemicals and the one woman who has proven to me that she can give you this quality of hair is Teresa Angelina Richardson MIT."


"I started going to Teresa after I decided that I just couldn’t face plaiting my own hair again. My hair was in bad condition and very thin. I never for one minute believed that anybody could restore it…I was wrong! Through Teresa’s professional care my hair is now healthy, thicker and longer than it has ever been. I would never let anybody other than Teresa touch my hair again. Thank you so much Teresa!"


"Teresa has a gift for treating Afro hair. I used to have very fine and broken hair around the front of my head before I started seeing her and she is really improving it quite dramatically. My hair has never been longer or healthier and I don’t think that I could trust anybody else with it. Her hair products, particularly the Leave-in Protector, are better than any on the market and leave my hair deeply moisturised and glossy. My daughter has mixed hair and I use the product on her hair to twist it into ringlets so that it can dry naturally. She loves it because her frizzy hair is now tamed."


"I have started seeing Teresa for my itchy scalp and had previously been to many other trichologists who had not managed to fix my problem. After the first and second visit, I saw a vast improvement in my condition and the products that she gave me to use at home have really calmed down my condition. I’m very pleased with the results so far."


"Once my scalp is completely clean, I’ve been told that we will then concentrate on getting my hair – which has had its fair share of heat from tongs and blow-dries over the years – to its best possible form."


"I’ve only just started to see Teresa but let me just say that my scalp is already beginning to thank her! I suffered from an intensely dry, flaky scalp for about 16 years until I went to the Fulham Hair Clinic. Teresa examined my scalp/hair and determined that it was an issue with contact dermatitis – an allergic reaction that was likely triggered by a bad relaxer job in the past. Since my first appointment (just under 2 weeks ago), my scalp has dramatically improved. I wish I’d started to see her earlier and highly recommend her to anyone battling with similar issues."


"Dear Teresa, thanks for making a real difference to my hair, after being damaged by overprocessing and heat the past few months have been stressful. After my full consultation with you I was heartened by your advice and with faith used your products as well as refrain from using my blow dryer and tongs. After my visit last week I can see how much my hair has grown and it is healthy, so many people have commented. Thanks for nurturing my hair and giving those with afro hair types a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful for the services you provide, thank you."


"Theresa will not promise you results without you putting in the work yourself but stick to it because the results are worth it. I will be back regularly in the new year!"

Claudia O-A

"After years of mistreating my hair and miss-education of the effect and damage of weaves, heat and chemicals, my hairline was at a total loss. I looked into transplants but came across this clinic as I was researching. I booked my appointment in July this year and immediately started my treatment programme. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to make it into the salon about 4 times but I have vigilantly kept to the routine Theresa set for me (every day … yes every day). It takes a lot of persistence but the results have been miraculous!! I now have hair where I was literally bald from traction alopecia and the texture of my hair is amazing."


"After noticing a significant loss of hair due to hormonal reasons a couple of years ago I started looking out for hairdressers or clinics which specialised in hair loss. I came across various clinics who all charged ridiculous amounts, including one which charged £300 for a dubious looking bottle of shampoo. Fortunately, I came across Fulham Scalp and Hair clinic. The consultation with Teresa was thorough and helpful and I have been using the treatments ever since. There has been a definite improvement in my hair both in terms of growth and condition. Teresa and Eleanore are very friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend them."

Sarah Smith

"I went to the Fulham Hair & Scalp clinic at the start of my transition to natural hair and away from dry, damaged, over-processed, heat-damaged “hair”. It was the best decision I could have made. After 7 months of following Teresa’s recommended routine, my hair has grown out strong & healthy. The regime is simple (10 mins of moisturising a day) and a 1-hour wash a day, using “all-natural products”."


"I started seeing Teresa for my itchy scalp and had previously been to many other trichologists who had not managed to fix my problem. After the first and second visit, I saw a vast improvement in my condition and the products that she gave me has really calmed down my condition. I’m very, very pleased with the results. Due to stress, my hair started falling out.. my hair became really thin. For the past 8 weeks now I’ve been using your deep conditioning clay mask and your leave-in hair protector for my hair. It has made a huge difference. This is my hair now and I do recommend this!! Thank you so much"

Aiko M

"Great service, friendly and knowledgeable. My hair is healthy and has grown so much, thanks to Teresa and Eleanore. I wish I had started sooner!"

Keisha L

"Eleanore and Teresa have advance knowledge and a great understanding of afro hair, which has helped me learn a lot about my own hair, which has resulted in my hair being more healthy after having treatments and using their products. I’ve also seen growth in areas that have previously remained broken! They are extremely friendly and provide great customer service, which is why I continue to go there for treatments."

Kemi Lad

Frequently Asked Questions

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My scalp is burning and itchy, what should I do?

Please get in touch to book in for a consultation immediately. Make a note of any products you have been using recently on your hair and scalp and take some pictures to bring into your consultation. If you are noticing any swelling of your face, head or neck please go to a hospital immediately.

How long does a consultation last, and how much does it cost?

A consultation lasts 45-60 mins and costs £130. During the consultation our trichologists will assess many things including your medical history, diet, stress level, styling routine and products that you use on your hair. They will also examine the hair and scalp itself.

This all helps to provide a clearer picture of what has been going on, why, and what steps need to be taken to improve your situation.

How much is a follow-up treatment per session?

Our treatments are £70 per session. We see patients by appointment only on Wednesdays- Saturdays.

Do I need to have blood tests prior to my consultation?

Blood tests aren’t necessary before coming in for your consultation, but diagnosis and treatment advice may be confirmed with up to date results. If you have a had a recent test and have access to recent results, please bring them along with you. 

If a blood test is required to confirm diagnosis your Trichologist will advise you on what needs to be tested. Please note we do not perform blood tests at the clinic.

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How is your treatment performed?

We combine electrotherapy, infra-red light therapy, steam therapy and a full wash phase alongside our formulated products to deliver therapeutic results with the greatest impact. These are done in person, by our Trichologists.

How long do treatments take?

Most treatments take between 60-90 minutes. If you have longer hair please make sure it is completely detangled before you arrive.

Will my hair be styled after my treatment?

Hair is left damp with leave-in product after our treatment. You have the option to have your hair plaited into a maximum of 3 plaits (dependant on hair length) and we can provide you with a showercap to wear under a hat or scarf when you leave. Please remember we are not a salon.

Can you trim my hair?

We are able to provide trichological trims, these trims emphasize removing the damage, whilst evening out length. We only trim on wet hair and we will never apply direct heat before trimming. If you are looking for a stylized cut, please book in with a salon. Trims cost an additional £30 and can only be booked to follow a treatment.

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Is there parking nearby?

There is plenty of on street parking on Bothwell Street and Delorme Street. Parking can be paid for using the Ringo App (£3 p/h)

What are the nearest tube stations?

Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line), 15 mins walk away or 4 min bus ride.  West Brompton (District Line) 22mins walk or 10 mins bus ride.

What to expect as a returning patient.

Please note that all returning patients who have not been back to the clinic or been using any home treatment products over the last 6 months will need to complete a new consultation before they can resume treatments at the clinic.

What is the difference between a trichologist and a dermatologist?

Trichologists are specialists who focus on diagnosing and treating hair and scalp conditions, while dermatologists are medical doctors who specialise in skin, hair, and nail conditions. People with specific hair and scalp problems consult with a trichologist because they have specialised training and expertise in this area, allowing for a quick and focused diagnosis. Additionally, some hair and scalp issues are not caused by medical conditions, rather from lifestyle or styling issues which a trichologist can determine and treat. 

Read more here.

leena solimanleena soliman
06:19 17 May 23
Came here when I had some issues and they were able to help massively! They are not like other claimed trichologist that want to scare you and take your money, they are backed up with their qualification and experience. Reasonably priced consultation, treatment and products!
zoe Innzoe Inn
17:24 15 Feb 23
From my first consultation, I knew this was the right place for my hair.Teresa and Eleanore are very caring. The treatments are also very relaxing and my hair adores their products!
19:01 01 Dec 22
Thank you so much Fulham scalp and hair clinic for restoring the health of my scalp and my hair.Straight talking, no nonsense, friendly and professional advice and if you follow it you’ll see results.They really know their stuff and I highly recommend.
Nico PopNico Pop
18:42 13 Jan 22
Booked the initial appointment as I have damaged hair due to bleaching and I had an itchy scalp on a very small region at the back of the scalp. As a healthcare professional myself I did not expect the trichologist to have a magic wand and cure me in one session. 3 appointments ( almost 3 months) in and buying all products recommended (7 of them - the calming scalp cream is missing in the picture) , my scalp became extremely flaky and itchy to an extent that It kept me awake at night. When informed the trichologist my experience, the only recommendation was to trial the Cade oil shampoo... which caused me further discomfort and irritation.I had to stop using all their products as I couldn't stand the itchiness and inflammation anymore (although used the cade oil shampoo several times). Who would've thought that going to a trichologist you will end up with and super irritated and itchy scalp?!Very disappointed with the overall experience, I felt the focus was mainly on selling their products, booking for treatments and not necessarily helping me with my concerns, especially that the professional did not have any concers re my condition, 400£ later I ended up booking an app with the Dr in order to solve the issues caused by their products.
03:56 06 Jun 19
I really hated my experience at Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic and I would not recommend it at all. The reason why I visited was because I had concerns about changes I saw in my hair, particularly the amount of hair I was losing at the sides (edges).I booked an appointment which comprised of a consultation + 1st treatment. I had the consultation with the owners daughter who asked me about my hair routine, health, products and also took a sample of my hair to look at underneath a microscope. During the consultation the main points she explained to me were that blow drying my hair was bad, the hair needed to be washed more often and hair grease and oils were very bad for my hair despite the fact I have been using them my whole life and I had a good amount of hair. After the consultation she then washed it with their own branded hair products, steamed it did some light therapy and then braided it. She then told me that I would have to come back at some point for a trim and that her mother (the owner) was the only one that could do it. At the end she gave me some basic instructions about using the hair products, and I also purchased some of their products.A few days using their products I experienced a very high level of dryness to my scalp even though I was using A LOT of products everyday my hair would be extremely dry after a couple of hours. When I called them about it the receptionist answered and said the clinic was really busy and that I should try and use coconut oil despite not even being a qualified trichologist, and the trichologist warning that oils were bad for the hair! At my next appointment for the trim I was treated by the owner, she made remarks about how dry my hair was (even though I was following the instructions and using ONLY their products), and how as a black person I should be proud of my hair and wear more natural hair styles, and throw away the blow dryer. She washed my hair and then trimmed it! Which I had never heard of in my life especially with afro hair because it can shrivel up to virtually nothing so when you cut even what seems like the tiniest bit it is actually a lot, but she insisted that it was the "correct" way. During the trim I found it really humiliating and embarrassing because in the styling room I was sat next to another lady who was also having her hair treated and I just really hated every moment of the owner trimming my hair and also lecturing me in it's damaged state like that. Over the course of 3 months following the instructions, steaming my hair everyday, and washing it once a week and using the products my hair just got worse and also breaking, knotty,shedding, weaker, thinner, and shorter than it was originally at my first consultation. I was really upset, especially as when I contacted them about my concerns they kept saying my hair was just "adapting".I eventually discontinued their advice and products,It didn't happen overnight but my hair eventually gradually got back to how it used to be, by doing the "bad" things such as blow drying, using greases and oils and washing it less often. I feel that Fulham Scalp & Hair clinic are not very knowledgeable in a wide variety of hair types particularly Afro hair. They preach and say blow drying, greases and oils, weaves,wigs and not washing your hair often are bad for the health of your hair yet there are thousands of videos on YouTube which contradict these "theories". I feel they cater more to people with looser hair types and not coarser hair types, the products they sell are also very expensive especially as they do not even contain a lot in them mostly comprise of menthol and water. They also seem to care more about their old customers and do not even ask for feedback from new customers, are really hypocritical of your hair choices even though they wear their hair pin straight. Don't waste your money here, if you are having hair problems think closer to, lifestyle change, stress etcI wasted almost £300 here with no results, think carefully before visiting this clinic, do your own research first!!!
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